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A Guide to Online Shopping

A Guide to Online Shopping

Hello Darlings! Today I want to share some wisdom about online shopping since it's becoming more and more the medium of choice for the millennial fashionistas. Some of us curvy girls heard the ol' "We don't cary that size in store" saying time and time again as if we don't walk in-stores looking to try on the latest items all the time! 

With exclusive online stores such as Eloquii and ASOS, as well as a million other options, we have finally found a small fashion heaven on the World Wide Web, so for a guide to online shopping like a pro keep reading!

Know Your Measurements

It is so important that before you begin adding things to your online cart you know your measurements. Use a soft measuring tape and confirm that your bust, waist and hips sizes are correct based on the sizing chart of each online store. If you need help run to your nearest department store or tailor (most dry cleaners have an in house tailor), and they will be happy to take your measurements for you. Stores such as Amazon Fashion and Etsy have completely deferent measuring systems since most of their merchants are either overseas or homegrown designers. 

Have an Electronic Account

It's easy to think that it will never happen to you, but online theft is more common today than it's ever been. Make sure that you have a secure way of making online transactions without having to give your debit/credit card to each merchant. Services such as PayPal, Masterpass, or even Google offer online services and can even give you a debit card connected right to your checking account and protect you most sensitive information.

Check The Reviews

I was reading an article recently with a list of online merchants that have the worst reviews and the most complaints for never fulfilling their online orders, scamming people out of thousands of dollars. I was amazed by the amount of stores on that list I had never heard of before. If you never heard of a store, it's safe to assume that it's either not real or very new. Check online reviews, ask friends or bloggers (we are the best resource for online shopping), and make sure that before you give your hard earned money you will get your favorite item in return. 

Returns and Exchanges

This is one of the most important things for me. If a store doesn't allow me to change my mind, I don't feel safe shopping with them. When it comes to online shopping this is ten times more important. Sizing, shipping accidents, and color illusions are just a few of the things that can go wrong with online shopping, so make sure that you know the store policy before you complete your order.  

Price Match

Before you drop $200+shipping make sure that you checked around for other options. This goes specifically for marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay because you never know if another seller will have the same item for much cheaper. Getting excited because you finally found that maxi, sleeved dress you were franticly looking for (like I am still looking for) and dropping a pretty penny on it might not be the wisest choice because 8 out of 10 times you will find it for less as soon as your initial purchase confirms. 

More often than not we go straight for our favorite shops' online store and forget to look into variety marketplaces such as Amazon or even Tradesy. Don't limit yourself. Places like that will give you a better price option and a variety of choices in colors, fabrics, and sizes! 

Statement Items

If you are a vintage kind of a gal or are looking for pieces that stand out from the crowd your best bet is either a round of vintage shops or online shopping. Marketplaces such as Modcloth and Etsy are goldmines when it comes to retro and statement pieces, so make sure to look through those sites before you start driving around through the world of dusty, vintage second hand places. What I especially love about Etsy is that aspiring designers get to sell their creations, and you get to enjoy exclusive pieces made to order. Most of the time these are seamstresses or homemade tailors that make a living from their handmade clothes. A variety of unique, never before seen or worn items right at your fingertips at great prices. Nothing beats that!  

And that's that! Now you are ready to conquer the World Wide Shopping Web! Have fun, and let me know if you have any tips I might have missed!

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