My name is Stefanie. I was born on a Greek island but now I live in Tennessee. I am falling in love with minimalistic fashion and this is my life journey.

The Science of Bangs

The Science of Bangs

I've had bangs on and off ever since I can remember. From the four year old me you see here to the woman I've become today, it is safe to assume that I have tried every trick in the book to get the perfect fringe. 

I like to think of it now as my signature look! Bangs are a bit of a necessary evil for me though because I have a large forehead, and being in front of the camera all the time it became a distraction. At least that's what I think. I will assume my mom just thought it was cute, so I spent my entire childhood with the fringe. I am a 90's kid!

Even though I've had bangs most of my life, it has taken me this long to nail the full healthy look that I love, and I am here today to share some of my secrets!

The Cut

Whatever you do, don't ever cut your own bangs. Even if you are confident you know what you are doing I would advice against it. When it comes to our hair we want perfection, and there is nothing perfect about human hair. The problem here is we always cut too short. If you are anything like me you find an extra hair here and one there, and by the time you are done you look like a chestnut. Bad idea I tell you. Find a stylist that complements her haircuts with in-between bang maintenance or someone who has an affordable bang trim rate. That way you can always get a free touch up. My stylist in LA would squeeze me in-between her regular appointments and touch up my bangs for free. That way she was the only person styling my hair and knew exactly what she was dealing with. Besides, cutting your own bangs is so high-school. I've been there!   

The Shampoo

I used to always complain to my stylist that my hair was very oily and my style wouldn't last more than a day, especially my bangs. She asked me about my routine, and when I said I only shampoo once every other day she told me to try shampooing twice, add a dry shampoo into my styling routine, and when I dry and style, it should build a barrier between my forehead and roots. She said with that routine I would be sure my hair was clean from the oil buildup. I followed her advice, and I was amazed by how my bangs lasted for almost 3 days! Yep! It was a huge revelation. Basically, my makeup and skin oil was "infecting" my bangs making them look dirty and oily throughout the day. Now I use ARROJO ReFinish Dry Shampoo to make sure my style lasts for a few days.

The Tease

Teasing my bangs has also been a huge step in my pursuit of fuller bangs. Oily, fine hair tends to separate throughout the day, and there is nothing more gross looking than split, stringy bangs. After I apply my ARROJO dry shampoo, I separate my bangs into a top and bottom layer. I gently clip the top back and flat iron the bottom layer before giving it a gentle tease with a thick bristle teaser brush. I repeat the step with the top layer before I smooth it out and finish with a hairspray. It is vital that your teaser brush is thick so it can create volume in your bangs and allow for a nice thick look. I bought mine from my stylist, and you can see it in the carousel below. 

Needless to say, touching your hair throughout the day will transfer the oil from your skin into your hair causing your product to pull a disappearing act. Just like we avoid rubbing our eyes after applying mascara, that's how we should avoid touching our hair. What can I say though? I am guilty as charged.  

If you have been loving this look then take the plunge! Even though there is a bit of maintenance the timeless, feminine look is so worth it!

Until next time my darlings!


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