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Let's Talk Shoes!

Let's Talk Shoes!

There is no denying that shoes are an essential part of an outfit. I've mentioned before how I am addicted to this fashion must have, and I put a lot of thought into my everyday choices. I have tried them all: stilettos, platforms, t-straps, mules, you name it, so I am here to give you this season's run down.     


This summer shoe is not really a new addition to a fashionista's closet, but it's definitely this season's must have. I am actually constantly surprised at how many ladies don't know what it's called. The word comes from Latin and French, and it means, "A light canvas shoe with a plaited fiber sole." The sole is most often created by jute rope, and it varies in style. If you are a flats only girl or prefer a little bit of a wedge this shoe will become your statement.


If comfort is your middle name then you are not new to the sneaker trend. I was excited to see a new approach to the traditional sneaker. Street icons are now pairing it with the cutest dresses and shorts for a polished, casually chic look. Rose, gold and midnight black are some of the newest twists, but the snow-white sneaker is this season's biggest surprise. Don't hesitate to invest in one as I don't see this trend fading anytime soon!


Harper's Bazaar recently released an article with the history of shoes by the decade. If you follow me long enough you will notice that I am a bit of a history buff, especially a fashion history buff. This stuff fascinates me. Anyways, come to find out Coco Chanel was not the only one inspired by male fashion. In 1847, the first loafer was designed for a king, and somewhere in the 1950's this muscular shoe took a turn for more intricate designs adding tussles and buckles making it fashionable for all genders. This season's colors, such as coral and pearl embellishments, are making this preppy shoe desirable for every urban-chic fashionista.      


There is something to be said about a shoe with a name like that. I admit, I'm not a fan, but I dare say one of my very first fashion statements back in high school was a baby blue pastel mule that I rocked in the summer of 2006. As always, what goes around comes around, and these classic shoes are this season's uniform. Flat or with a chunky heel, there is really no way to go wrong. They are comfy and stylish paired with just about anything!

The Pearl Embellished...everything!

"For every girl that wants to dress like a Chanel girl" was the title of a blog post I was reading recently about the statement pieces that make a Chanel outfit. It's no secret that the famous designer loved her pearls, and adding jewelry on shoes was revolutionary at her time. In the season of shoe embellishment, pearls are taking a front seat. You can find pearls on EVERYTHING from sneakers to mules, flip flops and loafers. I don't know how long this trend will last, but for now, I am really coveting these Zara flats that seem to go out of stock in minutes.      

This is the first season I can recall that shoes are such an important part of every collection. Not just one style, but at least 5 are dominating the footwear scene. There is nothing wrong with options, especially when they are all so beautiful. Make sure to read the Budget Fashionista as well as The Guide to Online Shopping for tips on how to afford this season's must-have styles!

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