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My 8 Favorite Blogs and Why You Should Follow Them

My 8 Favorite Blogs and Why You Should Follow Them

When Daniel and I first got married, it was a rather difficult time for me. The process to my legalization as a US resident was a lengthy one, and I spent a lot of my time at home waiting for my visa interview. Daniel was working a part-time survival job he hated, and I couldn't really help because I couldn't legally work. In July of 2012, exactly 9 months after our wedding, we finally moved to Los Angeles, and the next four years were filled with grad-school and seminary. In those 9 months of waiting I did a lot of cooking, reading and pinning. I actually started a blog because I wanted to document our life in the west coast for our family across the country and across the globe. Like I mentioned before, my time in grad-school is sort of a blur, and my blogging experience wasn't pleasant.

Fast forward to July 4th, 2016 on a hot LA afternoon. I was browsing through Instagram, and I came across a blogger that made me fall in love with blogging again. It reminded me of the beauty of lifestyle photography that I always loved so much and the trustworthy voice one can have when raving about a product they love. Modeling has always been a part of my creative journey; I have a quirky personality and a unique taste for life, so I knew blogging was the perfect fit for me. It combined my love for photography and modeling, and it allowed me to have a creative outlet that I can only compare to filmmaking and theater. Since that day, I created a Bloglovin' account, and I started following some of the most creative bloggers I could find. It was hard for me to narrow down my selection, but I wanted to share with you my top 8 favorite bloggers. These creative professionals have a unique voice, and they make me feel like we do life together. So without further ado here they are:

> New Darlings: Robert and Christina are the sweet couple behind New Darlings. They live in Phoenix, AZ, and they have an amazing sense of style and the most inspiring photos. Their blog is a journal of their travels, interior decor, fashion and music. I must admit that I read each post religiously, and I'm a bit envious of Christina's perfect bangs!

> Local Milk: Beth is the voice behind Local Milk, and she is actually located right here in Chattanooga, TN. She is a photographer and stylist with a unique, minimalistic style. Beth has the most stylized photos I have ever seen, and her sense of fashion is next to none. She has a passion for teaching people #TheArtOfSlowLiving, and her retreats are now on the top of my bucket list. It doesn't help that she has the most beautiful little girl named Eulalie Willa. How cool is that?

> Girl with Curves: I spoke about Tanesha in my Browsing History 02 post and how much I love her sense of fashion. Tanesha is an unapologetic, beautiful, curvy woman with daily inspiration on plus size fashion and beauty. She recently shared this photo, and now it pops in my mind every time I look in the mirror!

>This Little Wandering: Kayla and her husband Ben have a little girl named Jessamyn. The three of them bought a school bus and turned into a tiny home. Like seriously! Tiny homes fascinate me. Daniel will never let me have one, and honestly I think after the excitement of the "unique" passes I'll go right back to my mid-mod addiction so...anyway...Their blog is full of gorgeous photos and an honest almost vulnerable voice. I'm actually anxiously awaiting the bus reveal video!

>Auj Poj: Audrey Roloff is absolutely inspiring! She is the wife of Jeremy Roloff from the popular TLC show "Little People, Big World," and together they are behind the Beating 50 Percent a blog/ministry catering to young married couples. Audrey's life motto is "Always More," and she writes devotionals helping Millennials in their walks with Christ. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!

>Tiny Green Elephants: I began following this family since the summer of 2012 when they brought home their Russian children. Amy and Andrew have a heart for adoption. In the summer of 2012, they adopted Maria and Elijah, the last two children ever adopted to an American family from Russia. Their blog is inspiring and full of emotional moments. They have recently adopted Poppy, an Ethiopian little girl with a passion for life! Besides their blog, their Instagram stories are a daily dose of inspiration and laughter. One of my many favorite posts, though, is this one. Photography through the eyes of Elijah!

> Hello Gorgeous by Angela Lanter: I don't even remember how I came across Angela, but she is a very recent discovery of mine. Angela is married to the famous actor Matt Lanter (currently starring on NBC's "Timeless") and blogs about beauty and fashion. She is so talented, and her YouTube make-up tutorials are some of my favorites to watch! She often writes about her life with Matt and their journey together. Oh, the life of an actor!

> Cook Republic: Even though I am a foodie, I don't follow a lot of food bloggers. Like I mentioned before, most of my recipes come from Pinterest, and I never really pay attention to who wrote them. I came across Sneh's blog, though, through Instagram because of the mouth-watering food pictures. Sneh is a very talented photographer as well as a chef, and to top it all off she has one of the most gorgeous kitchens I have ever seen!

Blogging is a difficult but rewarding experience. We post about what we love, and we devote time in crafting each post with care. We sometimes get obsessive and strive for perfection, but we try to be true to ourselves. We support brands we love and use in our daily life and just want to spread the word about. Sometimes we get disappointed over how many likes a picture got or how many clicks a post generated, but the truth is that we just want to know that our voice is heard and we are making a difference in someone's life. Each one of these bloggers has, with one post or another, changed my outlook on life, and for that I am grateful. As a creative artist, that's the reason why I love photography, theater, and TV, because I know that my life will never be the same because of that art!

If you are a blogger, please leave your link in the comments, and I'd love to follow you!

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